Which Glass Piece Will Your Gift Represent?


Donation Portal is Now Open!

We’re moving forward with our spectacular inaugural art installation entitled “Seasons of Life” by Jake Pfeifer of Hot Glass Alley and NOW our donor portal is open! Since our inception in 2010, the Paula Takacs Foundation’s core mission has been to advance novel sarcoma treatments by raising funds to support research at Levine Cancer Institute and Levine Children’s Hospital. After funding 6 studies, including a clinical trial, YOU have helped make our IMPACT GLOBAL!!!

The exciting part is how innovative we’ve made the donation process. You can make a financial gift that is tangibly defined within a permanent work of art as evidence of your commitment to our mission. This permanent art installation program combines the power of art with the power of awareness so more people in the community will know that we stand for advancing HOPE for sarcoma patients everywhere.

Each donation will be represented by an individual glass flowers IN THE art. When this 18-foot-wide tree made entirely of fused and blown glass is installed at Levine Cancer Institute, you can forever say, “I made this art happen“.

Our online donation portal will help you choose which size glass flower or bark piece YOU want to represent your generous gift to fund sarcoma research.

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